18 June 2014

Goodwood Road pedestrian walkway

At last a time frame to see these required work completed and the walkway reopened. Hopefully, Council can keep to schedule. Council had always understood that this infrastructure belonged to DPTI, after all they have been collecting the advertising money for years. In the interest of public safety Council is repairing the structure although will attempt some cost recovery from DPTI?

17 June 2014  Media Release

The pedestrian walkway across Goodwood Road (rail overpass – adjacent to Millswood Station), has been temporarily closed by Council. As Council’s primary focus is safety for pedestrians and motorists, this proactive approach has been taken to allow for assessment and repairs.

Inspections by Council and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have confirmed that portions of the concrete structure supporting the walkway decking have deteriorated to a stage where intervention is required.

Council is working closely with structural engineers and DPTI by undertaking an urgent assessment, investigating repair options and determining the timing and location of road closures.

It is anticipated that work to remove the deteriorating concrete sections will be undertaken in the near future, followed by replacement works. Repairs are expected to take approximately 10 days to complete.

Karen Cini 0409 176 135
Annabel Shinkfield 0427 906 115


  1. Rodger, I'm either missing something or the computer ate your comment. Please try again.

  2. ^^ is my shorthand for "seen"....
    so that WAS my comment Jennie...lol

    BTW, the brand new $45,000 first-of-its-kind-in-SA exercise area @ page park is so cool..!!...a small group of inquisitive natives enjoyed an on-site demo y/day from the happy to share QLD [not SA] based builder...

  3. Will do a blog on that in the morning, looks great.