17 June 2014

Wellbeing Plan ready for consultation

The Cities of Unley and Mitcham are working together to prepare a Regional Public Health and Wellbeing Plan for their communities.
Based on feedback from the initial community consultation in January 2014 and research undertaken, the draft Living Well Regional Plan for Health and Wellbeing for the Cities of Unley and Mitcham (Living Well Plan) has been developed and we are now seeking your further feedback and input to assist us in refining the plan prior to finalisation.

Unley's  Living Well plan is aimed at ensuring that both Councils provide every opportunity for a "Healthy Community" - where each community and the region overall is active, connected, safe and equitable and embraces healthy living and wellbeing.

The Living Well plan provides an overview of the project, an assessment of our regional "State Of Health" and outlines the proposed strategic directions for promoting health and wellbeing in the Cities of Unley and Mitcham.

The plan is aligned to the requirements detailed in the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 and State Public Health Plan - SA Health: South Australia: A Better Place to Live.

Have your say by visiting our online discussion forum and reading the Living Well plan:  yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/living-well-unley-and-mitcham  You can also contact our Customer Centre on 83725111 and request a hard copy feedback form and summary Fact Sheet.

Feedback will be received until close of business Friday 4th July 2014, and will be considered by the Project Team in finalising the Plan.

For further information please contact Pam Hocking on 83725108

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