10 June 2014

I've Read the Submissions

Now I have had time to read and digest the submissions, yes all 285 of them ,they come into some very broad categories. Of the submissions 120 came from Black Forest and only from the regeneration area and those in other streets who have the potential to be affected by them. This is nearly every household!! Other submissions came from Clarence  Park (11), Everard Park (37), Fullarton (29), Myrtle Bank (17) and small numbers from other suburbs and interest groups.

  • There was a definite push from aged care providers to build age appropriate residential apartments and care facilities in Unley, ostensibly to meet an ever increasing demand from people to 'age in place.'
  • People in Clarence Park (west) wish to retain the larger 350 square metre block and not have this reduced to allow for smaller block sizes.
  • People do not accept that the homes in areas of Black Forest targetted are near the end of there useful life
  • The trams are full , so what transport will the increased population use
  • The area has character and is worth protecting
  • Loss of a way of life that will be regretted
  • Boundaries between zones should be down the middle of a street not along fences.
Interestingly, there were no submissions from the areas of Black Forest that would have the block size increased and reduce individual opportunity to subdivide. This theme was evident in the eastern areas of the city, especially Fullarton.
There was general misunderstanding that some areas had been targeted and that development would be better suited elsewhere in Unley. Unley Rd and Greenhill Rd are already zoned between 5 and 10 stories, the Unley Shopping centre to 14 stories, Fullarton Rd, South Rd and Anzac Hwy were included in this DPA and Goodwood, King William are next to see zoning changes proposed.

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