02 September 2013

September Update 2013

The following should be of interest;
  • The dead, or near dead, Ash trees in both Canterbury Tce and Parker Tce will be removed from the 2nd September. There may be some disruption for traffic during this time. Residents have given approval for this. Replacement trees will be planted in Parker Tce after  a review of the parking to see if additional spaces can be found. Trees in Canterbury Tce may not be replaced depending on the outcome of the further consultation regarding the alternatives in retaining two way traffic.
  • Goodwood Primary School is to have a safety camera installed on Goodwood Rd to monitor (read fine) cars choosing to ignore the signal to stop.
  • Council is still negotiating with DPTI regarding the purchase of some of the properties in Devon St that DPTI acquired to build the culvert. 
  • Several trees in Aroha Tce have  removed after extensive consultation and DAP approval. These trees were  considered to be structurally unsound.
  • The Cranbrook Ave gate design has been selected by DPTI, you must send an email to dpti.rr@sa.gov.au   to let them know which one is your choice of design or if you believe neither is suitable. The designs can be found at;    http://www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/RR/rail_revitalisation/goodwood_junction
  • The Farmers Market is celebrating it's 7th birthday on the 6th October- there should be lots to see and do that day as well as your usual purchases.
  • The Black Forest  Local Area Traffic Management Plan comments have been given to the consultants to make their final recommendations and prioritization of works.
  • Council is now in a position to recommend a 25km speed limit in Leah St for the duration of the works. Remember originally we anticipated that the work would be finished before the report was available. Well it is not quite finished but the report still needs to go to the Minister. seems like it has taken just long enough for nothing to change.
  • The new Goodwood Oval Reference Group will meet on the 11th September for the first time. This group meets to share information  between residents, the Hockey and Football Club as well as Tennis SA.
  • The property on Railway Tce that has caused so much difficulty for many is now been referred to the Court system. An outcome will eventually be delivered.
Meetings this month include;
  •  the CPCC Annual General Meeting in the Hall at 5pm on Tuesday the 24th Sept
  • The last two Community Advisory Group meetings at 6pm at the Pool on the 4th and 18th September
  • FOCUS  Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm on the 17th September

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