08 September 2013

How Close is the Unley Oval Redevelopment?

You will all have, by now, received your Spring Unley Life magazine. It makes an interesting read over a cup of coffee for most people. However, if you read the Mayor's report you could well be thinking that the bulldozers and builders were just about to start on the work. This is not the case. Council have had Masterplan presented to it and Council has asked for further detail, no decision has been made to proceed with any work at this time. Council still need to determine the needs of the Sturt Cricket Club and ascertain if the Sturt Tennis Club and the Sturt Bowling Club are happy with what they already have (it is my understanding that they are). At this time the project is completed unfunded and is likely to remain that way until Council manages to get a grant to complete some or all of the work that could be done!

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