15 September 2013

Launching the Goodwood Oval Reference Group website

The website for the newly formed Goodwood Oval Reference Group is now up an running. I encourage you to check the blog regularly and have your say on the matters for discussion in both helping to set the agenda and commenting on ideas and proposals as they arise.
Greg Willson, the newly elected chairperson, would love to hear from you. He wrote the following to residents living near the oval;
The new website is www.goodwoodoval.org

The  minutes of the meeting are worth reading as it outlines what is coming up as big issues that all residents should be aware of. to be effective at these meetings we need more reps. please consider getting involved or returning to the fold if you have previously served as more than ever we are going to need a strong presence. the new blood needs to come from Fairfax & Curzon ideally. Finally the website will become more comprehensive as time allows and more meetings are minuted. Issues will be covered in more detail as time permits. So neighbours - start talking and I will see you in the street.

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