15 September 2013

Why Blame Council?

It is in this case not the residents blaming Council but DPTI once again. How is it possible for Council to be responsible for fencing along the Greenways project when it does not own the property? Council is responsible for the landscaping and has commenced adding loam between the fences and the pathway. Residents who were offered a new fence on completion of the project are now being told that this is no longer the case, only because they asked when theirs would be done and not because DPTI actually sent a letter to the persons concerned and officially reneged on their offer. This is difficult and unnecessary  for all parties. Fences that are in poor repair need to be replaced to enable pedestrians and cyclists to move safely along the new pathway and to provide the affected residents with the privacy and amenity that existed before the work started. I for one am sick of broken promises and different stories from different people in this regard.

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