24 September 2013

Full Council Meeting 23rd September

The following were debated;
  • CEO Performance Review Committee (confidential)
  • Projects Prudential Management Policy; This policy is a requirement under the Local Government Act and is formalising current best practice.PASSED
  • Glen Osmond Creek-Shared Use Path; this is a proposal to fund a study to link the existing Glen Osmond Creek path way that ends at KingWilliam Rd to the Mike Turtur Bikeway at Bendall St, Wayville. PASSED
  • Contract Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection (confidential)
The following motions have been put on the Agenda by Councillors for discussion
  • Parking in the Southern Parklands (Cr. Hudson) -the show is over and this motion is now redundant
  • Policy of Community Reference Groups(Cr Saies); The new community reference groups feel they no longer have enough structure to be effective. This may allow for greater structure but still be with in the legal requirement for Council.PASSED
  • Telecommunications Faciliities (Cr. Tipper); this would be to establish a register  that detailed the location of all Low Impact Communicatios Facilitities.WITHDRAWN
  • Crowd Limits Unley Oval (Cr Hudson); this would be to limit the crowds to an agreed number at Sturt games. This currently stands at 8,000 although there is rarely, if ever, a crowd of this size. WITHDRAWN 
  • Tree Damage to Tennis Courts Unley Oval (Cr. Hudson); this seeks to have a root barrier installed a Unley Oval to allow for two large trees to remain near the tennis courts.LOST; Staff are working with Sturt Tennis to replace the affected lawn with a different species.
  • Dilapidation of Assets by DPTI (Cr. Boisvert); this seeks to attain information  and commitment from DPTI to fully compensate the City of Unley for all infrastructure damage caused during the Goodwood Junction, electrification  and Greenways Project. (For detail see separate blog) PASSED
  • DPTI tree removals; Cr Saies asked staff to investigate legal action regarding the removal of regulated and significant trees during the rail projects that were to have been preserved. Many of these trees allegedly had their roots severed by careless contractors and were removed. This motion would include the tree in Arundel Ave and the two  gums recently removed in Canterbury Tce.

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