22 September 2013

Sunday Mail report on noisy crossings

The replacement of signals on the Belair line in Mitcham has caused some consternation from nearby residents. The new signals are legislation compliant but, according to residents, even with sound proofing in their windows the noise is  still disturbing their sleep. Many residents do not have sound proofing and are requesting this and/or for the signals themselves to be quieter.
What does this herald for the Victoria St, Leader St and East Ave crossing?
What does this herald for the Fairfax Ave crossing?
At every briefing or meeting I have attended residents have been told that the signals will be loud enough to be audible and safe and yet still allow for peaceful living for residents. After 8 months of concerns fronm residents no examples have been given or suggestions made;only that DPTI would do it's best to keep the residents happy. Either Millswood/Goodwood is getting something different or we may not have been told the truth!

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