16 September 2013

SMS Street Sweeping Trial

The final feedback has now been provided to those that participated. Overall 71% of participants said they would continue with the service if it was to be made available. The greatest problem was that the street sweeper only came as planned 33% of the time, however, despite  this most people moved their cars from the street if they could before it was swept and almost 60% of respondents also always or usually swept their footpath as well.
Suggestions for improvement included;

  • Locating the information on an easy to find spot on Council's website
  • Accurate information
  • Sweeping more often in Autumn
  • More than one days notice
  • Placement of no-parking signs on the street the evening before  it is swept.
Hopefully, the results of this are encouraging enough for this service to be available to all residents on request.

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