18 September 2013

DPTI gives in: one fence at a time!

The good news this week is that one more fence will be replaced by DPTI along the Greenways project. These fences that used to back onto the railway line are generally in very poor repair as DPTI would not maintain them and residents could not either as they were not allowed to work in the rail corridor. However, these fences are now along the edge of the Bikeway/walkway and are often unsafe, this has been compounded by the loam placed against the fences (ready for planting) to a depth greater than 200 ml which then would require a development application. As well the train line is higher and the fences are now plainly too low to provide privacy for the residents.  This now makes 4 fences that have already been or will be replaced. What about the others?
The fences on the other side along Chromer Pde and in this location are also in very poor repair. We're still waiting to see which will be replaced and just how much longer residents need to wait to see the one colour paint job (slate grey)that will remove the graffiti and enhance the entire appearance of the area.

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