21 September 2013

Dilapidation Millswood/ Goodwood/Black Forest/Clarence Park.

East Ave
The topic of dilapidation during the current works has been an issue for many residents right from the start. What would happen after DPTI left to the broken kerbs, damaged trees, damaged footpaths and roads when DPTI was finished. We have been reassure continually that a record was made before the works began and that all damage would be repaired by DPTI. 
Somehow I have never thought we would see this happen.

Victoria St
I am quite sure that the visible broken kerbs and potholes will be mended and  filled as they are easily identified. My concern is about the long term damage that has reduced to life of the roads that have seen huge trucks  traverse the streets for over 8 months. These roads are still in acceptable repair but the life of the roads may have been reduced by 50% or more. Who will pay when Cranbrook Ave fails in 2020 instead of 2040? Who will repair the potholes in East Ave after DPTI have moved on ? The answer is that residents will expect Council to do this and it may well be the residents that pay.
My motion, with the support of Don, that goes to Council on the 23rd Sept seeks answers to these questions and commitment from DPTI to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure they have used. 
The motion reads as follows;
In relation to dilapidation of Council owned assets as a result of construction 
work related to the Goodwood Junction rail project being undertaken by DPTI 
Council request Administration to:
1. Identify any long term damage that has resulted in reducing the 
lifespan of Council assets such as roads, footpaths, and signs, that 
may not need immediate replacing.
2. Negotiate with DPTI an agreed amount of money to compensate for 
this loss to Council.
3. Prepare a report for Council on how this will best be managed before 
signing off on the agreement with DPTI.

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