26 September 2013

Final CAG meeting

This meeting was held last night with many than yous from both sides. Is has been a long and arduous process. Some things have now been resolved; These include;

  • An acceptable design for the Cranbrook Ave gate that will now be 2.1 m in height
  • Replacement of the lattice to length of the original 7m, this will be black in colour
  • Victoria St will be open to pedestrians and cars sometime next week
  • Additional sound proofing will be installed at the Fairfax Ave crossing to protect Chromer Pde residents from additional noise from the warning bells.
  • Richards Tce fencing will be replaced at least 300mm higher than the existing and up to 600mm.
  • Some Cowper Rd fencing will be replaced
  • There will be some modification of traffic flow in Lyons Pde.
  • The graffiti removal programme will be in place as soon as the project is completed, this may be done by City of Unley volunteers.
Matters still in contention that need to be resolved are;

  • The painting of the fences inside the rail corridor to remove all graffiti in a uniform colour (slate grey) as promised by Rod Hook at the meeting Don and I had with him
  • Additional protection from overlooking and noise for the residents in Arundel Ave ( required due to  a higher rail line and the wheel squeal from the new passing loop that is further south that it had been)
  • Addtional signage in Devon St when Victoria St is reopened
  • The fences along the Greenways project are too short to retain the privacy they offered before the rail line was raised. All fencing needs to be assessed, replaced or repaired and attain a height of at least 1800 mm and preferably 2100mm.
  • The new boom gates and alarms may need to be assessed for noise intrusion and modified if necessary 
    The proposed Cranbrook Ave gate

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