13 September 2013

First ICAC Dilemma

Under the new Independent Commission Against Corruption laws Councilors must declare the value of any gifts over the value of $100. A register will be kept of all the gifts that each individual Councillor receives, as a Councillor we must enter these on the register. The reality is that from my own point of view these gifts are few and far between. However, we do all get two Honorary membership passes to the Show and we all get tickets to all Sturt Home games. But what is the value of the tickets? According to the Show website I could have purchased these tickets for $145, however, if I were to use them every day the value could be as high as $400. So what is the value to be included on the register? I  rarely attend the Show but my family has enjoyed using them. The same will be true for the Sturt tickets  but  I won't have a dilemma with these, I will give them back as I never go to football games.

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