05 September 2013

Community Advisory Group Winding Up

Last night was the penultimate meeting of the CAG. It has been a long haul for this meeting and difficult for both the staff of DPTI, Theiss York and residents. This meeting was better than most although there are still some outstanding issues, ones I thought had been resolved. It was good to hear of positive consultation with 3 residents in Cranbrook Ave and  that at last they had had an opportunity to discuss the gate design with the architect and that a reasonable solution has been reached. The final 2 designs are now open for public consultation.
We were also told, in complete contradiction to what Rod Hook told both Don and I at the meeting we had with him, that the fences facing the rail line would not be painted. This matter was agreed with Rod and we also agreed that they would be slate grey/charcoal.
Other outstanding issues remain a small portion of missing fence at the end of Cowper Rd, a sound proofing gap in Lyons Pde and the effect on residents in Arundel Ave from the change in location of the passing loop. While residents were told DPTI were considering extending the lattice fence no reassurances were given. DPTI continues to hide behind what their legal obligation is to the letter instead of doing the right thing.
The final outstanding matter is dilapidation and how this will be managed. I intend to take some photos for a separate blog and put a Motion on Notice ( with Don) to ensure Council is fully informed of the extend, the issues and the compensation that will adequately cover the long term damage to Council infrastructure.
The final meeting on the 18th September will be a celebration of sorts. The venue is yet to be decided.

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