18 March 2014

Cromer Pde Footpaths

Residents in Cromer Pde have recently submitted a petition to Council asking that the repaving of their footpaths is included in the 2014/15 budget. Every resident has signed the petition. There is no doubt that the footpath is in a pretty poor state and needs to be surfaced; residents believe it has not been redone for 50 years. Residents are also asking for a wider paved area as they believe the narrower 1.2m will not be adequate for the increased number of pedestrians that they are already seeing using the Greenways route. There are quits a few footpaths still needed to be paved and many are in poor repair. The $1.5mil that Council now puts into footpaths each year is diminishing the outstanding work quickly. This acceleration should see all footpaths paved by 2019. Hopefully, Cromer Pde can be done in 2014/15 as well as a few others in dire need.

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