26 March 2014

Full Council Meeting; March 24th 2014

There were deputations this month from Nicole Lewis ( regarding the Black Forest local Area Traffic Management Plan) and Greg Ranson (parking issues associated with the Living Choice development in Fisher St). As well we also heard further deputations regarding Forestville trafffic and regarding 44-46 King William Rd.
Other items included;
  • Call for Motions: ALGA National Assembly 2014;This calls for Councillors to submit their suggestions that could be debated at the national level. PASSED
  • Traffic Impact Authorisation; Minister for Transport; This will allow Council staff to continue to make the decisions that they make concerning traffic and road safety.PASSED
  • Access to  Meetings and Documents-Code of Practice Update; the changes to this are minor PASSED
  • Forestville Reserve Grant; this will allow stage two of the Forestville Reserve upgrade to start, $70,000 of funds have been obtained from the state government, the balance of $70,000 must be met by Council.PASSED
  • Development Plan Amendment Stage 2; Council wish to remove the flood mapping information from the soon to be consulted  DPA. The flood mapping is out of date and no longer considered accurate.PASSED
  • Proposed Changes to the King William Rd Road Reserve; The development at 44-46 King William Rd has been completed without appropriate disability access. To achieve this they have constructed a temporary ramp that is unsuitable. They have proposed to raise and extend the footpath to enable access. This will result in the loss of two car parks. An upside of this is that the footpath would then be able to be used for outdoor dining when currently it is not. Council must decide the value of the lost car parks, the cost of construction as well as if dining permission would be given. The motion suggest that all cost will be borne by the applicant. If Council do not approve this then the applicant will have a building that he cannot use!ADJOURNED
  • Leasing Options for 39 Oxford Tce (CONFIDENTIAL) PASSED. Although it was agreed to allow the minutes to be release the report and detail in it remains confidential. To this end I cannot give you the details of why I was opposed to the lease.
There are also some interesting questions and answers regarding 39 Oxford Tce, Brown Hill Creek, Forestville LATM (will DPTI pay?), tree replacement strategy and the pedestrian refuges in King William Rd

The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Agenda%20FCM%2024%20March%202014.pdf

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