17 March 2014

Double Shot of Coffee

I attended this event on Sunday. There was a real buzz from the many people attending;  the coffee stalls and those selling food were really busy. Everyone looked to be having a great time just taking in the atmosphere or catching up with friend and acquaintances. I was told that the food was excellent and the cold coffee tastings  set up by Carnivale well worth a try. This event is definitely a keeper. Maybe next year alternate sites might also be considered as well.

Carnevale's stall

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell18 March, 2014 14:37

    Yes, there were quite a few people there.
    I would like to see next year's event held on Goodwood Oval.
    That would enable a greater spread of coffee outlets around the oval with less crowding in the queue areas.
    It's time to decentralise some of the events held in the centre of Unley.