22 March 2014

Rail bypass plan pursued

The  article below appeared in the Mount Barker Courier, this follows a similar motion that I put to Unley Council last month. My motion will be debated at the next general meeting of the LGA, this one will also be debated as the proposed outcomes are the same.

I will have some bumper stickers to give away at the consultation next week end (Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns) to raise awareness of this issue. If you would like one please let me know.
Mount Barker Courier, Mount Barker SA  by Genevieve Cooper19 Mar 2014

The Adelaide Hills Council has asked the Local Government Association (LGA) to pursue a northern rail freight bypass as a Statewide issue.

Councillors voted unanimously to ask the LGA to discuss the issue at its April general meeting and to agree to lobby for the project with State and Federal governments.

A northern bypass from Murray Bridge to Two Wells, diverting rail freight around the Hills, was a major Federal election issue in 2010.

The Adelaide Hills joined other councils along the railway route, including Mt Barker, Murray Bridge and Mitcham, in lobbying for the project.

The proposal stalled after a $3m Federal Government study found it to be too expensive with options costed at between $1.7b and $2.4b.

Recommendation The study recommended maintaining and upgrading the existing Hills route at a cost of about $600m.

A community task force believes the study inflated the costs and failed to give due weight to the social impacts.

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