04 March 2014

Another argument to reopen Millswood Station

The RAA recently launched this video clip showing just how slow traffic movement now is on both South and Goodwood Rd. While they use it as an argument for better roads and better public transport it also demonstrates how much a reopened Millswood Station would be appreciated by the local community. The time to drive into the city would be considerably less an no parking required!!


  1. Cr Bob Schnell05 March, 2014 11:29

    I totally agree with you Jennie.
    I am hopeful that the Liberals will reverse their decision and announce a re-opening of the Millswood Station before the election. There are 100s of locals affected. The adjoining seat of Ashford may be won or lost on the issue of this train station.
    It's really a no brainer of an issue!
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  2. I agree with you both. I spoke with David Pisoni about this very issue today. Whilst he says he is not opposed to reopening the station he cites the cost and the lack of a feasiblity study as barriers. I would have thought a spend of $400 000 was a small spend in this area and would not warrant a feasiblity study! Why not just take action and open it. The wider benefits are obvious.

  3. The Labor Party have already progressed the opening of the station for a trial. If the Liberals were to do nothing, if elected, the reopening would go ahead. They have to make a decision to stop the process, why would they do this when they are championing public transport?

  4. Cr Bob Schnell07 March, 2014 07:09

    I disagree. It does not follow that if the Liberals do nothing then the station will reopen. It needs their commitment to open it. David Pisoni has stated the need for a feasibility study etc. Vicki Chapman must make the commitment.
    I still forecast that the outcome in adjoining Ashford may hinge on Millswood Station.

  5. The reopen Millswood Station group will, this weekend, distribute 1000 fliers to homes near Millswood Station.These call for a commitment from the Liberal Party to reopen the station. Hopefully, these and the plethora of emails that David Pisoni, Terina Monteagle and Vicki Chapman get next week will see a change of heart. You're right, this stand must be the best news Steph Key has had this week. The group want both parties to agree to the opening of the station so the vote is about other issues and not this one.

  6. Cr Bob Schnell08 March, 2014 08:45

    I think there has been a serious lack of appreciation of the wishes of the people.
    It would be a great outcome to have both parties committed to opening the station in July.
    This will probably have an impact on the outcome in Ashford.

  7. Cr Bob Schmell10 March, 2014 19:32

    I've been away for the weekend.
    Have the Liberals decided to re-open the station?
    It just makes sense.

  8. Unfortunately no, but the Reopen Millswood Group will step up the pressure this week, they are also hoping for some press coverage and lots of emails to Vicki Chapman and Terina Monteagle.

  9. Roger Dereuter11 March, 2014 12:23

    I wish to go on the public record of supporting the re-opening of the Millswood Train Station. It's a regret that the Liberals are not embracing this.
    Come on guys, Labor is on board - now I want the LIberals to commit to it.