04 March 2014

'Our Neighbourhood' Grants

The Our Neighbourhood Grants are Australia Post’s new community relations program that “aims to build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia”.  The program considers applications to fund all sorts of initiatives to build capacity, strengthen community spirit and develop community leadership.   The 4 key focus areas are:
Providing all Australians with access to essential products and services - as well as the knowledge to use these services to connect in both the physical and digital world
Maintaining a diverse, inclusive workplace that values the contribution made by people from varying backgrounds and neighbourhoods across our nation
Investing in programs and activities that foster community spirit, connect communities and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia
Providing support to Australian communities in times of major crisis
Funding is provided to community organisations as one-off cash payments of up to $10,000.  Applications are open now and close on Friday 4th April 2014 – so there’s plenty of time to prepare a submission.
I can think of several community organisations that fit this criteria and there may be many many of you that know of or work with organisations that do. For more information please click the link.


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