27 March 2014

DPA 2 Released for consultation

This is about Black Forest and all residents should read the documents to see how it affects them personally. Don and I will door knock throughout the areas with the most significant planning changes.

The Residential Character, Growth Areas & Council Wide Residential Policy Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was released today on public consultation for a period of 8 weeks.

The DPA focuses on protection of valued neighbourhood character, while targeting new integrated development in areas of mixed character and areas of renewal adjacent to strategic locations, ie close to public transport infrastructure, centre facilities and services.

Revised and new policies affect major areas of the city and include:
Minor expansion of the Residential Streetscape (Built Form) Zone
New residential zones - Residential Streetscape (Landscape) Zone, Residential Zone and Residential Regeneration Zone - to replace existing zones
Revised Council Wide Residential policy
New Council Wide Hazards policy module to consolidate relevant policy
Revised structure and format of the Plan
Edited maps, figures and tables to reflect the new zones and policy

The DPA, and further information, may be viewed on the Unley web-site – Your Say or Development/Development Plan Amendments - or inspected at the Council office and libraries.

Information Sessions where staff will be available to explain the DPA will be held at the Unley Civic Centre at:
        - 1-5pm Sunday 6 April 2014
        - 3-7pm Tuesday 8 April 2014

Written submissions are due by the 22 May 2014 – either by post to PO Box 1, Unley 5061, Fax 8271 4886 or E-mail POBox1@Unley.sa.gov.au.  An on-line feedback form is also available on the web-site. http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa

A Public Meeting will be held at 7 pm on 16 June 2014 at the Unley Civic Centre, Oxford Terrace, Unley, before the Development Strategy and Policy Committee to hear personal presentations.

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