09 February 2014

Adelaide Faces More Tree Problems

Yesterday's paper had an interesting story on trees. Much of it relevant to our own area. As we gradually cover the surfaces in our yards with solid materials the run off from our yards and houses bypasses the street trees as it  enters the stormwater system.
As we know trees are essential  to urban environments, not only did they provide shade but they also acted like an evaporative airconditioner when the city baked in recent heatwaves. The makes the ambient temperature a few degrees lower in well treed streets. You notice this when out walking even on a relatively mild day. The answer is for Council's to provide suitable species and residents to ensure that their front garden is watered so the tees can survive. I drove down one street yesterday with an avenue of cedars (in Burnside). At least 20% of the trees had recent storm damage.
I also couldn't help but laugh when I read the letter to the editor where the author complained about Council doing nothing when the tree was growing in his own front yard!!

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