17 February 2014

Millswood Station to Reopen

Just before the government entered caretaker mode a decision was made to reopen Millswood Station for a twelve month trial. This service should begin about July 2014. This an amazing win for John Gasper and the small committee that has been working toward this outcome. I have been a member of this committee and while this is the outcome we had hoped to achieve I'm not sure that  any of us thought we would be this close so soon. Thanks to Steph Key in this instance for making this happen. While this has been approved regardless of who wins the election it may still be possible for a Liberal government to stop this. Given our conversations with Vicky Chapman, shadow minister for infrastructure, I don't believe they would do this. The next most important thing is to use the service as often as you can when it is up and running. Well done to all concerned.

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