28 February 2014

Capping rates;is it a good idea?

This concept was in the news again this week. But would the idea actually deliver lower rates, if it does can Councils maintain and improve their ratepayers amenity and what will be the long term results in the rates themselves. Will it save you money now and in the long run?
While this may be a vote winning plan history will tell us that it doesn't work. State governments have continually pushed the things that they thought too trivial for their own domain into the Council area without any money to go with it. As an example they have already capped the amount that Councils can charge for dog registrations  and planning applications. The costs of these services far outweigh to revenue received.  Rate capping was limited to CPI after forced Council amalgamations in the 90's. This lasted for several years and then in a catch up later rates spiralled as Councils completed outstanding works, no savings were delivered and average rate rises were higher than ever before.

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