04 February 2014

Eastern Courier Article: Unley Oval


The above link will take you to an article about the potential redevelopment of Unley Oval. While the debate last week was conducted in an open forum the report that was being discussed was marked as Confidential. This makes it difficult to refer to the reports and items in them and not divulge confidential information.  What is true is that despite two reports at some cost (but not the amount reported) Council have failed to make a decision on any way forward. Some of this has more to do with the fact that the idea was ambitiously put forward and talked up by the Mayor when it never really had the full support of many councillors. Council will be holding a workshop next week and, hopefully, a motion can be devised that allows for some improvements. However, the funding sources also need to be identified and most of any money required should  not be from Council. If Council's actions and planning allow for external funding and is spade ready when grants are available then none of the money already spent will have been wasted.

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