23 February 2014

Forestville Traffic Issues

Residents in Forestville are becoming increasingly concerned and active in trying to get their changes in traffic patterns and volumes addressed. They believe these changes were as a direct result of the speed cushions being installed in Leah St and the removal of the speed humps in Everard Tce. It would seem that the  Leah Street cushions have been very effective at reducing traffic speeds in Leah St. Once again some of the problems have occurred because only the residents of Leah St were asked if they wanted  speed cushions and only residents in homes with a speed hump were asked if they wanted to retain them when Everard Tce was resurfaced.
The result has been some stretches of Everard Tce having double their original traffic volumes (west bound am ), this traffic has transferred from First Ave. East bound and afternoon has seen little significant change. While traffic speed have dropped dramatically in Leah St they have risen alarmingly in Everard Tce.
This area needs a full traffic assessment and solution that can only be achieved by a Local Area Traffic Management Plan. Hopefully, this will be the next area that Council choose to fund. 

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