16 February 2014

February Update

  • You're never too old to learn, check out this link to computer courses avaialble at the Goodwood and Unley Libraries starting soon.


  • There have been some press about the safety of the Mike Turtur Bikeway especially where it joins King William Rd but also about a need for removal of vegetation that encroaches on the pathway.
  • Budget bids from Councillors are due in this week, at this stage we have only put in one and that is for additional screening along Arundel Ave.
  • Residents of Cromer Pde have been invited to attend a meeting at Clarence Park Community Centre at 6pm  on the 20th March to discuss final landscaping plans for their street.
  • The Community Open Day to discuss ideas for the Millswood Complex (Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns)will beheld at   both locations   on  March 29th from 10am-12:30PM at Goodwood Oval and 1:00 to 4pm at Millswood lawns
  • Another tree is likely to be felled for and by DPTI, this time a lemon scented gum along the bikeway between Dryden Ave and Emerson Station

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  1. Thanks for that Jennie.
    I'm going to book for a word processing and email course.