12 February 2014

DPTI Update

As the rail works finally come to a conclusion after what seems like very much longer than was promised (that's because it's nearly 5 months longer) the final DPTI updates are being distributed. The latest can be found at Rail Revitalisation Community Update

The most relevant are; 

  • Graffiti should be painted out soon including the fences opposite Arundel Ave. goodness knows what colour they will use)
  • Adelaide Showground Station will be operational from the 17th Feb, you can get an invitation to the walk through on Friday 14th by visiting the latest news item on the DPTI website
  • Electric trains have begun trials but the date for first use is yet to be announced.
  • The eastern throw screens on Devon St will soon be embellished with some art work
  • The pedestrian maze at the end of Richards Tce is being constructed
  • The Brow Hill Creek connection (just south of Victoria St) will be finished soon, after this the path can be completed that joins Victoria St to Cranbrook Ave.
  • The clear sound proofing will be erected on Lyons Pde

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