25 February 2014

Full Council Meeting; 24th Feb 2014

This month's Agenda will finish off a little unfinished business that has been debated back and forth for a while, other items are just one more step toward a solution.

  • Petition regarding parking by Disability SA in Fisher St, Fullarton
  • Deputation from residents in Forestville regarding traffic concerns (See separtate blog)
  • Deputation from Tom Hester regarding Brown Hill Creek
  • Unley Oval Upgrade Plans; the gremlins seem to have got into this one. Despite many for decision meetings and a recent workshop I don't see the current motion as getting any closer to a solution. In fact the report asked for a debate on all aspects of the proposal in one motion when the workshop requested that each item should be debated separately! This means if any one item (of 8) is not liked by any one Councillor then all will be rejected. Unfortunately, I will be in this position as there are several aspects I don't like. Items to be debated include internal fencing, lighting, stand upgrades, increasing open space, funding sources and  detailed design. Fortunately this was done as separate motions which then took well over 2 hours to debate. Meaning we were being asked to make important decisions too late in the evening especially on the confidential matters. All of these items passed individually, but many with modification.
  • Dog and Cat Management Board-Call for Nominations
  • Brown Hill Creek Project Update; this report asked for consultation with land holders along the creek regarding easements to allow for clearing and upgrading the creek channel. To get some idea of the problem stand on the Malcolm St bridge and look both south and north. To the south the creek is full of feral vegetation, to the north development has been allowed, in my opinion, too close to the creek. The creek's current capacity is estimated to be about 10 cubic metres /sec when it should be 18 and needs to be 28 if it is to provide 1:100 flood protection. If this cannot be provided by the creek itself then we will still need a dam or/and culverts. Unley residents have already rejected culverts as a solution. This is a great step forward. PASSED unanimously.
  • ERA Annual report  PASSED
  • LGA meeting; call for motions I put a motion regarding freight train diversion PASSED. The motion read as follows; 
    That Council submit the following Notice of Motion to the Local Government Association General Meeting to be held on the 11 April 2014.

    2.1   That the LGA reaffirms its existing commitment to work toward a viable freight train bypass.
    2.2   And on confirmation of this commitment, that the LGA will  lobby state and federal governments to gain in principle support for this project. (I'll write a separate blog on this)

  • Confidential Items on property acquisition and the Community Centres Direction Paper

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  1. Well done to your colleague, Councillor Palmer, who has worked hard to push along the Unley Oval project. He has worked hard towards seeing a positive outcome for all. Good luck to all with the Goodwood precinct plan.