09 February 2014

Payment of Parking Fines

The information below is about parking offences that can occur in Unley. While most people will obey the law to avoid fines there will always be a time when a time when you didn't see the yellow line, were in a hurry or couldn't get back to the car within the prescribed limit. This clearly explains the rules, and what to do if you get a fine. Of course it's easier to just pay it but many people don't or aren't able to and then do nothing rather than seeking alternate means of payment.

Continuing Offences, Parking Signs, Residential Parking Permit/Exemptions, Vehicles not moved for 24 hours.

Parking - Continuing Offence

Once a vehicle has been reported for an offence and remains parked for a further period, a 'Further Offence' Notice can be issued.
If the area is subject to a time limit less than one hour, for each period that the vehicle remains, a 'Further Offence' Notice may be issued. eg. 15 minute parking zone, further offences can be issued every 15 minutes after the initial Infringement Notice.
For all other parking infringements, a Further Offence Notice may be issued for each hour that the vehicle remains parked after the initial Infringement Notice.

Parking Signs

Parking control signs have been introduced Australia wide, which must comply with the Australian Standard. These signs have symbols instead of words, and the larger letters and numbers indicate the times and days parking limits apply. These signs are designed to be easily read while a vehicle is moving.
It is important that signs are read EACH time that your vehicle is parked. Not all parking restrictions are the same in all areas. They may also change due to special events and to accommodate changing needs to the area.
What if I didn't read or didn't understand the signs?
  • It is your responsibility as the driver of a vehicle to read all road and kerbside signage that you may encounter, and to comply with the directions or requirements indicated by the signs and/or road markings.
  • All road and kerbside signage, and road markings within the City comply with Australian Standards as prescribed in the Australian Road Rules.
  • If you do not understand the information provided on the signs/or by the road markings, then you should seek another area in which to park.
  • Infringements may not be cancelled if you did not read, understand or you misinterpreted the information on the signs/or the road markings.
Road Markings
  • Lines may be painted on roads to emphasise restrictions or conditions as stated on parking control signs.
  • Where parking bays are marked in car parks or on the road surface, parking is only permitted completely within these bays.
  • Certain areas have mandatory restrictions and must be kept permanently clear of stationary vehicles. No signage is necessary for these areas; however, solid yellow 'No Stopping' road markings may be placed on the road to remind the public (e.g. at traffic lights). These have the same effect as if the area had signs stating 'No Stopping Zone'.
  • Where signs are present to indicate a restriction or requirement, they take precedence over any road markings that may be present.

Residential Parking Permit/Exemptions

If you wish to apply for a residential parking exemption permit, please download the form:Application for parking permit / exemption(296 kb)
Vehicles not moved for 24 hours
Council may tow a vehicle if a complaint is received and it is established that it has not moved for 24 hours. Vehicles will only be impounded as a last resort after all avenues to locate the owner and have them remove the vehicle have been exhausted.
If you have left your vehicle parked illegally and the City of Unley or police believe it is a danger to other road users, is likely to cause traffic congestion or obstruct access to a property, they can arrange for the vehicle to be towed. Vehicles cannot be towed away simply because they are causing an inconvenience to other road users.
If you wish to report a vehicle that may have been abandoned, or if you believe your vehicle has been removed, please contact the City of Unley Council office on 8372 5111.

More flexible options now available for paying overdue fines

People now have more flexible options to pay their overdue fines, due to changes to the management of fines inSouth Australia.
 A new unit – the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit– has been established within the Attorney-General’s Department to recover overdue fine amounts owed to state and local government bodies. These functions moved from the Courts Administration Authority to the new Fines Unit on 3 February 2014.

What this means for fines owed in South Australia
  • It’s now easier for people to manage overdue fines, with more options available. Overdue fines can be paid online and over the phone, and in person at any Australia Post Office or Service SA Customer Service Centre.
  • People can apply for a Payment Arrangement to spread their payment over a longer period, even before a fine is sent to the Fines Unit for enforcement). Prior to February 2014, an ‘application for relief’ had to be submitted to gain any kind of payment arrangement.
  • For those who evade paying their fines, escalating enforcement measures will be applied to recover the amounts owed. These enforcements include suspending driver’s licences, clamping and impounding vehicles, seizing and selling assets, and making deductions directly from a person’s bank account or salary.
Get in touch with the Fines Unit today if you have overdue fines. Just call 1800 659 538 or visit www.fines.sa.gov.au

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