09 July 2014

Belair timetable (including Millswood) feedback welcome!!

When I read this I find the signs getting more promising everyday that this is actually going to happen. Kindly copied from; https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/Announcements/News/Millswood-Station-upgrade-draft-Belair-timetable-feedback-welcome

Millswood Station upgrade & draft Belair timetable - feedback welcome

When: From Wednesday 9 July 2014

In line with the commencement of upgrade works at the Millswood Station, a draft Belair train timetable that incorporates stops at Millswood station is available for customer comment.
The draft timetable includes:
  • 5 Blackwood services extended to Belair
  • 2 additional trips added in the PM peak
  • Removal of 1 AM and 3 PM trips due to low patronage
  • Minor time changes to some trips 
Download a copy of the Draft Belair timetable PDF (213Kb)
Once you’ve reviewed the timetable let us know what you think and complete our short survey

1 comment:

  1. I can't see why there are fewer services at Millswood that's other stations especially at peak times. This decision could be a reason for failure, please have your say on the website given.