09 July 2014

Brown Hill Creek Update

Councillors were briefed this week about the current status of the Brown Hill Creek investigations. A report will be coming to Council next week seeking further direction from Council. The full report into the 8 options will not be available by then and a further report will need to come to Council.  The most viable options remain clearing the creek, widening and deepening the creek  and a dam in the higher reaches of the creek. As yet I have not seen the costings for each and have not been reassured that the most effected creek owners are favourable to the widening and deepening option which ultimately effects them the most. In fact I believe that this option may not have support of many land owners and would, therefore, be costly to implement.
The consultation for options as Brown Hill Creek passes through both Forestville Res and Orphanage Park have not yet been discussed with Councillors, however, Council also has a responsibility to ensure that the maximum water flow is enabled through it's property.
Council also will soon enter Caretaker Mode (Sept 16th) and is not allowed to make major decisions during an election campaign. This may make further consultation difficult until November. However, it will allow those elected plenty of time to make a decision on the matter.

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