22 July 2014

Cyclist Underpass to be completed

The long overdue and promised cyclist underpass near the Showground Station is about to be constructed. The most recent DPTI notice claims that work will commence soon. This will then link the Greenways path to the West Tce path and allowing safe passage under Anzac Hwy and Greenhill Rd. Works will include a bitumen path, LED lighting and minor vegetation removal. The Unley BUG (Bicycle Users Group) group have been lobbying hard for many years to get this safe link and should be recognised and thanked for their hard work.

1 comment:

  1. Wow I didn't know that that was part of the plan - I obviously missed that gem along the way. I cross that intersection everyday on a bicycle to go into town along West tce, it's not too bad if you use the pedestrian lights but a cycle path under the road would be amazing.