29 July 2014

Full Council Meeting; 28th July 2014

The agenda items of interest include;
CEO performance Review Committee; CONFIDENTIAL
Funding for TOYS at CPCC; The TOYS coordinator's position has, up until now, been funded by Council. The Community Centre Review recommended that CPCC take over the funding of this position. The coordinator still has the option of retaining employment with Unley. However, after much discussion CPCC Board has decided to request transitional funding in order to be given time to increase income to avoid reducing savings that are earmarked for long service leave and sick leave of staff and replacement of assets. Funding for 2 years (1+1) was approved.
Community Engagement Review;This toolkit has been out to public consultation and been adjusted to reflect the views of those who sort to change it. However, the report is difficult to read as it is complex and long winded when it could have more succinct. PASSED
King William Rd Project; This is the final outcome of the review and makes the recommendation to trial parklets in KWR; there is some funding in the budget to allow for this to proceed. Council will work with traders to decide locations best suited to their needs. PASSED
Disallowance of Regulations Under the Development Act; Mark Parnel (Greens MLC) has requested Council to support his amendments before the parliament regarding some  aspects of the Development Act. This includes rescinding the 4 story limit for building assessment in Unley. This would be a most welcome change as Unley should have the capacity to decide what is right for Unley and not a government panel. One of the negatives of this is that the fees, which could the tens of thousands of dollars, will go to the government and Unley will still have to do the assessment, costing it money. Another cost shift to local government without recompense. PASSED
Parkside Primary Community Garden;In order for Council to support this project it is necessary to change the land management agreement that council has with the Minister for Education.PASSED
Land Encroachment-Myrtle Bank; this piece of land forms part of a residential tennis court. The owner is aware that a portion of the court is on Council land. Council resolved some time ago to sell the portion of land to the resident (I voted against this). Open Space in Unley is inadequate and it costs Council dearly when we try to increase open space either by pocket parks, road closures or acquisition. This should not have been supported.  PASSED
Elected Member Induction Review; Many of the new members of Council were disappointed at the lack of training they received in 2010. No matter what people are expecting when they are elected it always comes as a surprise as to how much time commitment it takes,the level of detail and knowledge required to make good decisions and the procedural knowledge required. This is an attempt to make the pathway easier for those elected in 2014.PASSED
Kaurna ILUA Liason Committee; This calls for nominations to a position on the committee.
Cost of Paper; You may have read in the Eastern Courier that Council will charge $2 per page for agenda, this is an attempt by Cr Hudson to change that to something more realistic. This months agenda would have cost $150 without any of the attached reports. With them the price would double. Even at the 20c per page suggested the price would be out of reach for many people. While it is free to read on-line many people still prefer a paper copy.The Council nominated Lachlan Clyne for a position on the committee. PASSED
Domestic Health Issue; CONFIDENTIAL You may notice from time to time domestic squalor. This should be reported to Council but it has few powers to make overnight changes. However, the matter can be monitored and followed up. Often the residents concerned will accept Council help. (PASSED)
Waste Contract; CONFIDENTIAL This Is always Councils biggest spend and the details will be public once the details are negotiated with the preferred provider. (PASSED)

I am becoming concerned, as are some of my co-councillors,  that the staff are being invited to enter the debate and not as a resource  from which to seek clarification. I expressed my opinion clearly at last might's meeting. It didn't stop the Mayor from inviting them to but it did stop the staff from unnecessarily giving their opinion, at least for this meeting.

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