07 July 2014

Development Plan needs amending...

Twice in the last couple of months I have been approached by residents about fence height and the need for sound mitigation. The first property was on Cross Rd, near the Emerson Crossing. The resident wished to put up a sound proof fence to the height of 2.4m in front of his delightful bungalow. Unfortunately, many months later I saw that his application had been refused as it was considered too high and not in keeping with the locality. The noise inside the house would be almost intolerable and the traffic on Cross Rd in never likely to be less than it is now. The more recent concern was from a resident on Goodwood Rd whose house is in the Millswood heritage zone; the prevailing fence type is low and cosmetic only. He needs a fence that is high and offering considerable noise mitigation. I'm sure Council's  Development Plane never intended to capture these two dwellings but nevertheless has. Time for a change?

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