17 July 2014

Why People Vote?

I read an interesting summary by the Local Government Association (http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/LGA_2010_Local_Government_Election_Survey.pdf)  on a post election survey completed after the 2010 election. As you know the voting is postal  and non compulsory. The voter turn out in Unley at the last election was about 30% even after many of eligible voters failed to re-enrol . If these were again included ( a private members bill is before the parliament on this) the voter turn out would be even lower. Many people choose not to vote as they have;

  • no interest in local government  
  • if they don't have to then they won't
  • don't know the candidates
  • don't understand the issues
However, the reasons why they vote are ;
  • they believe they should vote as it is the right thing to do
  • they want to support their local area
  • their Council needs a shake up (not good for sitting members)
  • they know the candidate(s) and they perceive they have been working hard in the ward and for the city
  • they have good information on the candidates
The information on why they chose a particular candidate were also interesting as this was often only decided on personal knowledge and information in the election pack and not the pamphlets stuffed in your letter box. 
Why do you vote? 
Why have you chosen not to vote in the past? 
What do we need to do, first of all to get you to vote and then to vote for a particular candidate?


  1. you have my vote, if I bother to vote.

  2. I reckon that Unley Council needs a bit of a shake-up (in my area) so I will be voting.

  3. Everyone should take the time to vote, it is important.