07 July 2014

Council bureaucrats....

Time for a little more Council bashing by the Advertiser this morning. While I could agree with the statement made by Ali Clark that 'local government does have a role because it presides in the communities where we live; if it was left to the state and federal teams everyday issues would be overlooked'.  My recent blog on Brown Hill Creek will confirm this. However, while many issues are dealt with at the local government the legislation that surrounds those issues is state government made. The issue regarding the gum tree in Burnside is just that, its potential removal is caught up with state legislation regarding its size, species and position in relation to the dwelling. Council officers must treat each matter according to law and sometimes this takes time. Council staff are hardly small minded bureaucrats they are hard working and decent people who are trying to look after matters large and small.  She also overlooked the role of your local Councillor, these people, including myself, are there to support residents in their dealings with Council and largely also do the job very well.

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