25 July 2014

Bullying is unacceptable in the workplace

What a pity that so many can only find the faults in local government and never all the wonderful things that do get done and the great people that make them happen (both staff and councillors.) Bullying is unacceptable in any situation. Why then was the editorial not about bullying in the workplace; it would have been worth accolades? The article is reproduce below to see what you think? I remember very clearly how it felt to be bullied and treated differently to others in the early stages of this council term, it doesn't feel good and reflects poorly on the Council and the perpetrator.

Councils must lift
Adelaide Advertiser, Adelaide  by  None 24 Jul 2014
 NO doubt there are some tremendous local councillors peppered throughout South Australia doing some tremendous things for their communities.
 What a pity, therefore, that the credibility of the local government sector continues to suffer at the hands of rogue individuals, petty infighting and a common perception of overgovernance.
 Today's story about a controversial Prospect councillor with eight code-ofconduct complaints to his name is the perfect example.
 So bad is his record, councillors have voted to kick him out of public office, at least for the next three months. But he is refusing to go, and will now run for mayor.
 Another councillor in another municipality has been censured for bullying a colleague about being chauffeured to meetings.
 This is a bad look at a time the Local Government Association is trying to lure candidates for elections in November.
 And all this in a week when Gill Hicks's decision to nominate for Unley Council should have refocused the sector on its goal of serving our local communities.


  1. I hate bullying and was surprised to learn about your experience at Council.
    Why were you bullied? I hope it was not for being a woman.
    Who was the bully?

  2. So sad that it happened at Unley.
    I feel sorry for you.
    I hope the issue has been addressed.

  3. The matter was dealt with at the time and the young man who chose to do this learned a valuable lesson. You can read the details by going back to my blog in March 2011.

    1. Why not repeat it here?
      We shouldn't be sent back to a blog in 2011.

    2. Perhaps not but that was my choice, I have been criticised for even raising the matter. I didn't wish to politicise the matter.

  4. I recall the ugly incident at Unley.
    You did the right thing in addressing the matter and now keeping the focus on bullying in the workplace.

  5. Dear Anonymous, if I publish your comments then the perpetrator will be directly named. It was not my intention to do this here. However, if you would like to reword your comments I will happily publish them and reply to your concerns for all to see.

  6. My daughter was horribly bullied by her boss and it has taken years for her to put it behind her. God bless you for raising the awareness of bullying. I know that in time your hurt will lessen.

  7. Good on you for raising the issue of bullying.
    It needs to be stomped on.
    Mu wife had a terrible experience at her local church during a friendship group meeting.
    Poor thing, it was horrible.