27 July 2014

Royal Show Society Gala Dinner

Its not often I get to attend these events. this one was amazing, with over 1400 people attending the dinner to celebrate the achievements of the Show Society. I don't usually take photographs of food but these chocolates  not only looked good they tasted even better. Congratulations to them.


  1. I understand that Unley Council (ie. the ratepayers) paid for you to attend.
    Is this true and what was the cost?
    Sounds like a perk funded by the ratepayers.

    1. That is true, I nearly started the story with 'my snouts not usually in the trough but' , then I changed my mind. The mayor decided to book a table, after all they are Unley's highest ratepayer, and I took one of the spots at the table. It will still need to be included in my gifts register.

    2. Who were the Councillors there?

    3. The mayor and his partner, Crs Palmer, Saies, Sangster, Salaman, Hewitson, Lapidge and Hughes attended as well as me. Those who brought their wives paid for their ticket.

  2. 1400 people.
    Wow that's a lot of people.
    Must have been a special night.