10 July 2014

Oval's future to shape election ??

I know it is coming up to election time but this read was unbelievable. How could a picket fence around Unley Oval, or not, become a major issue in an election. Surely the Mayor, Councillors and residents can think of more important issues to run a campaign on. One like good governance and the process of decision making (which might also reflect the current quandary at Unley Oval) are surely more important? One thing this Council has failed to to on many occasions is to make a decision firmly that might disagree with one or two people. Brown Hill Creek comes to mind as does the sale of non performing assets. As a member of Council I don't know when we decided we had run out of time to make a decision this Council term about the fence; it is currently out to consultation, and I had assumed Council would vote on the matter in August (it has been budgeted for with the consent of ALL Councillors). This doesn't mean that residents support this view, we won't know that until the consultation closes. Read Emmie's article below;

Oval's future to shape election 
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by  Emmie Dowling 09 Jul 2014 


 AFTER two years of back and-forth debate, plans for the Unley Oval development have been handballed to the new council after the November elections.

 After running up a bill of $125,000 - and counting - on plans for the contentious redevelopment, Unley Council has decided it has run out of time to settle the issue before November.

 The election is shaping as a referendum on the multimillion-dollar plan especially the divisive proposal for a permanent picket fence around the playing arena. The fence would save the council about $20,000 a year in labour costs for the temporary fences on Sturt Football Club game days.

 "It's now a major election issue that might make or break election campaigns," Mayor Lachlan Clyne said of the development plans.

 "In 2010 when I was elected, I said I would support Sturt because at the time the council's relationship with it was fractured.

 "I believe I have heard enough voices in the community to know there should be a fence around the playing field and new grandstands."

 The council has been through several versions of the development since discussions started in June 2012. One constant has been the objections to the picket fence requested by Sturt.

 Friends of the City of Unley Society spokesman Philip Henschke accused the council of favouring the football club.

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