22 July 2014

Women Can

Good to see in today's paper that Gill Hicks has decided to run for Unley Council in the elections later this year. She is a high profile and probably very capable woman who has the potential to bring her skills and knowledge to work for the betterment of the City. Running in Goodwood she has decided to run against two competent incumbents which may make her task difficult.
What I do know is that the current gender ratio on Unley is 2:11 which is in no way representative of the community.


  1. Cr Bob Schnell22 July, 2014 19:36

    Jennie, of course they can.
    In the end it is merit that prevails.
    If more women were to nominate then the gender ratio would be more balanced.

    I congratulate Gill Hicks for her intention to nominate.

  2. It's the Eastern side of Unley where there are no women on Council.
    We need women in the Wards of Unley, Unley Park, Parkside and Fullarton.
    Out that way it's a bit blokey.

    I'd like to see a male and female representing each Ward.
    And yes, Bob Schnell and Gill HIcks would be a great team for Goodwood.

  3. I think Gill would be a wonderful addition. Gill is clearly an educated and wonderful individual who has used her adversity to help others. Having her in this position will remind us all to focus on the things that really matter and try to not get agitated about small insignificant issues. Council and the local community does at time have a tendency to get distressed about small things and trying to look at the bigger picture will help us all!