14 July 2014

What does caretaker mode mean?

I keep getting reminders from what a read and what I hear others discussing and the term caretaker mode keeps cropping up. The state government, in it's wisdom, has enacted laws that prevent Councils making major decisions from the time that nominations close for the Council election (Sept 16th) until the declaration of the poll in November. This effectively means that the business decisions that the current Council makes will end with the last Council meeting in August. So does this mean Council should put off decisions until November (with a new Council and at least some new faces) or should Council be rushing to make decisions now? When it comes to decisions about stormwater management Council is being encouraged by the Stormwater Management Authority to get the business done while the most effected people who live along the creek bank are asking for the decision to be slow, well informed and thorough. They are objecting to even the consultation on this occurring during caretaker mode. Are they right? They certainly have a good argument.

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