25 July 2014

Reopen Millswood Station Newsletter

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23rd July 2014
As you will no doubt be aware, work has started on Millswood Station to prepare it for the proposed 12 month trial. At this stage it is envisaged that the trial would be starting in early November 2014 and will be used to gather information on actual patronage. Surveys are only a guide but nothing is as good as collecting patronage data.
The Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) have prepared a draft Belair train timetable and are seeking comments. You can have a look at their draft timetable and make comments.
When you look at their draft timetable you will see that the train will bypass Millswood Station on 9 occasions. These occur on 4 occasions in the morning during peak hour travel for commuters going into Adelaide and on 5 occasions in the evening during peak hour for commuters going leaving the city. It should be noted that at no other station on the line are there any other bypasses.
Three members of the “Reopen Millswood Station” committee had a meeting with members of DPTI to discuss the reasons for the draft timetable. Mr Graham Sibery, DPTI Executive Director Operations & Safety explained that it is a question of balance for the whole of the Belair Line and that they don't want to reduce the frequency of service for existing patrons further up the line. He did however welcome everyone’s comments through their survey.
So now it is up to you.  We strongly urge you to complete their survey and let them know what you think. Otherwise we will just be accepting what they give us.
Station Reopening Launch of Trial
The “Reopen Millswood Station”group has now changed its focus to one of
encouragement of using the station and also giving out information. At the last committee meeting, we discussed the idea of holding an official launch at the start of the proposed trial. A possible date for the official launch might  be Sunday15th November.  At this stage we are only at the planning stage and would welcome input from the community.
We will be discussing the proposed event at our  next committee meeting
and would like people to help us in the planning as well as attending the
event itself. You are welcome to come along to the planning meeting and
put forward your suggestions for what we hope will be a family fun event
in November. The planning meeting will be held at 7.30pm Thursday 14th August at Clarence Park Community Centre on East Avenue. Everyone is welcome to attend and have some input. Remember it will be a case of “Use it or Lose it” during the trial.

Thank you for all your comments and support
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