16 August 2014

Barking dogs, what do you do?

This, of-course, means if you are the dog owner  and if you are the one being driven crazy by the barking dog next door or across the road. As the dog owner you can be blissfully unaware that your dog is driving your neighbours crazy unless they tell you. After all the dog doesn't bark when you are home.
The first then is to have the conversation with the dog owner and see if they are prepared to take steps to reduce the barking, most will be and Council have plenty of strategies to support you. These can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/page.aspxu=1217&t=uList&ulistId=0&c=4933
Other steps can follow if the disturbance continues including keeping a diary and letting Council know of the issue. They have more power than any one individual to get change.
I've dealt with a few complex ones of this nature since I've been on Council.
The recent article in the Eastern Courier discusses effective mediation and also that fines are rarely needed to start the change. Unley received 77 complaints last year about barking dogs.

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