13 August 2014

Goodwood Oval and Millswood Complex improvement plan.

 As promised the above is the link to the detailed plan. Further consultation 
on this to finalise detail will not occur until February.  Your comments are 
welcome. I certainly think there are a couple of things that people won't like 
and should be changed.


  1. Good Morning Jennie,
    I am unable to open the link regarding a synthetic pitch proposed for the Hockey Club. Is it at the Goodwood Oval precinct? If this is the case I would think this would be a mistake for the area as I am sure the Hockey club would want it fenced off to prevent damage and dogs entering. This would force more dogs onto the main oval area where our children are constantly having to put up with dog owners not picking up after their dogs. Perhaps attention from the rangers may be needed especially at around 5-6pm where a large group are quite inattentive to their dogs activities. Please keep the hockey pitch green! Also is there a reason why I cannot have a kick of the footy on the Hockey pitch with my son when it is not in use or is it leased by the Hockey Club. Thanks

  2. I've refreshed the link and it works again now. The report indicates that the Goodwood Oval site is not suitable for a synthetic hockey pitch. However, Council will work with the club to try to identify an alternate site. I can discuss the ranger issue with staff and he might be able to visit at that time to talk to the persons regarding their responsibility. It is my understanding that the hockey pitch can be used for any family sporting use when not being used for training or games.