19 August 2014

Just sheds and fences!

It is clear the contempt that Minister Rau has for Council's ability to assess development when reading the article in this mornings's paper. Surely if only .5% of applications are appealed and most appeals are lost then whatever is happening now is working quite well? The data is quite clear in this, in fact at the meeting on Planning Reform I attended is last night is anything to go by then most  people attending were not pleased with the recommendations. The so called reforms do have some merit is some applications but are they worth creating another level of planning assessment for? Also of concern is the proposed treatment of contributory buildings in heritage areas. There would seem to be little support for the retention of these zones. This would leave huge tracts of Unley vulnerable to redevelopment when currently building retention is paramount.
Just to make it clear, fences and garages are almost always dealt with under delegated authority by staff and rarely go to Development Assessment Panels.

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