27 August 2014

Push for smaller councils to merge!

Salisbury Council to use Local Government Association AGM to push for smaller councils to merge and protect local planning panels.
 SOME Salisbury councillors have rained insults on Adelaide’s smallest councils, urging them to merge with their neighbours to prevent the introduction of regional planning boards.

Salisbury Council will use the Local Government Association’s October AGM to push for the amalgamation of metropolitan councils with fewer than 60,000 residents. (read more).

The above article has appeared in the Northern Messenger. Salisbury Council will be asking the LGA to support Council amalgamations rather than being forced into regional governance for planning. This was also mooted by the recently released report about the future of Local Government as we now know it. While regional governance has no merit as far as I am concerned there are plenty of opportunities for Councils to share resources (Unley shares many of it's services with other Councils). An additional level of governance also has little or no merit.


  1. Do you endorse son and journalist Eugene Boisvert's article on Council amalgamations?

  2. From my reading of his article he reported what a Councillor said, I don't think he endorsed amalgamations and neither do I. The recommendations calling for reform in Local Government and Planning would see the end of much of the local in local government as we now know it. These are interesting times. And I didn't cook his dinner as I am I'm holiday and believe it or not at 30 he doesn't live at home.

  3. Incidentally I don't endorse many things my children say and do, and most parents would be in the same boat. But If I want to know what he's been doing I only need to read the paper!