19 August 2014

Burnside considering tackling cat regulations

A recent consultation in Burnside has had over 2,000 comments about a proposed by-law to ensure all cats are registered and micro-chipped. Some time ago Unley put this in the too hard basket while waiting for the outcome from Burnside. It seems that the majority of respondents are happy with the recommended changes, in fact 82% of them were happy to see cat ownership limited to two per household. While Burnside will make their decision next week, Unley's will be quite some time away. What do you think?


  1. Jennie, I would like you to pursue cat registration at the election.
    Will you?

  2. This is something I have considered in the past and was disappointed when Unley chose to wait for the outcome from Burnside before considering the option to register cats. This has been working well in Mitcham for a few years now.

  3. yes, but will you campaign for registration of cats at the election?
    Yes or No?

  4. I'm certainly prepared to get Council to put the question to residents and campaign on this.