20 August 2014

Development over $3,000,000

Soon after we learn that Unley Council will not be allowed to assess any development applications over 4 stories and before Mark Parnell has been able to put his proposed amendment to the parliament the next blow has been laid.

Last Thursday the Development Regulations 2008 was varied by the Government so that any development with a construction cost over $3 million may be assessed and determined by the Development Assessment Commission.

For this to occur, the State Coordinator-General must determine that a development is of economic significance to the State, or where the assessment of the proposal would be best achieved under a scheme established by the Department of the Minister to facilitate the assessment of such developments.

I'm not sure how big a building would be likely to cost more than 3 million but I think it is probably not very big. I can remember at one time thinking John Rau was a reasonable person, but I have long since changed my mind. He seems to have a single plan to destroy any role that Councils have in planning.

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